Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deumos, Part I: Felice Fawn's Internet Get-Rich-Quick Scheme

In late spring/summer of 2011, Felice Fawn (hereafter referred to by her real name, Lauren Cook) opened a storefront on her website, claiming she was starting her own "clothing line". The store was called Deumos (now defunct). She advertised it on Tumblr, the website on which she is a notorious presence, that she would be selling Satanic-inspired clothing, mostly girls' T-shirts and hoodies/jumpers with a simple baphomet, upside-down cross, or pentagram screenprinted on them. (She also claimed these symbols to be her original designs.) She also intended to sell a pair customized PVC shoes and a spiked bra. Sometime that spring, Lauren posted that she received some "samples" in the mail and posted pictures of herself modeling them for her followers to salivate over and hopefully purchase:

Several of her followers, including fellow well-known blogger Tӓhti Syrjala, actually did purchase some items from her store. It seemed that, at the time, business was booming for Deumos. If Lauren was the entrepreneurial type, she would have seen this as an opportunity to demonstrate to her fanbase that she's a legitimate businesswoman and could have turned this tiny storefront into a serious moneymaker. But, unfortunately, that isn't the case.

All was silent until September, when Tӓhti finally had had enough of waiting, excuses and false promises from Rich (FF's boyfriend and partner in the scam). Rich had been keeping in touch with Tӓhti every few weeks throughout the month of August to keep her quiet, reassuring her that her refund was "on its way" while Lauren blocked and completely avoided Tӓhti while pretending everything was hunky dory to her followers. Tӓhti was given the date of September 1st as the day she would receive her refund via Rich. September 1st came and went, and no refund was issued to Tӓhti. In the meantime, Lauren thought it wise to broadcast to the internet that she was on a shopping spree with her newfound cash:

Perhaps Tӓhti was not refunded on the 1st because Lauren spent it all on on August 31st, as shown above. Oops.

September 2nd, 2011 is when shit really hit the fan. Over three months after she originally purchased the shoes from Lauren, Tӓhti posted of her experience with Lauren/Deumos on her blog, which attracted some attention, as she was the first person to publicly state that she had been ripped off by Lauren:

Three months passed since the original transaction. It is surprising to note that Lauren did not seem willing to fulfill her end of the transaction with her most well-known customer. Not that it is ever OK to steal from anyone, no matter who they are, but since she seems to only care about her public image and not about actual ethics or how she conducts herself both in professional and interpersonal settings, one would think that an impending review of her business dealings would at least prompt her to come through on that transaction. But then, Lauren isn't exactly the responsible, logical, or even considerate type. At any rate, Tӓhti did post her review:

Professionally written, clear and concise, with nothing but the facts on what happened. Word quickly spread around Tumblr and to other websites, perhaps most notably to efagz. It is safe to say that Lauren definitely read the review, as Tӓhti even let her know:

"I saw." No word on whether she or any of the other scammed customers would get a resolution, or even an acknowledgment that they had been wronged at all. Hmmmmmm.

Shortly after, someone asked Tӓhti on her Formspring why she had yet to be refunded:

In an attempt to get the word out on Lauren's failure to fulfill her paid Deumos orders, an efagz member created a Tumblr blog detailing Lauren's Deumos scam to spread the word, warn others and perhaps encourage others who had been scammed to speak up without fear of retaliation. This blog very quickly was deleted by Tumblr staff, more than likely at the frantic request of Lauren.

Right while this was all happening, Lauren posted this remark on her blog, verifying that she had a hand in the censorship of anything negative being said about her:

And then these comments immediately appeared within that post:

The post was very quickly deleted, like most of Lauren's posts. But the attempts at censorship and ignoring anyone who had anything to say that was not complimentary to her appearance was not about to stop those who had had their money stolen by Lauren. In fact, the drama was really just beginning.

Continued in Part II...


  1. I am so happy this blog exists! Felice Fawn (or should I say, LAUREN COOK, since that's her actual name) is a disgusting human being who wants her precious ~~fans~~ to blindly worship her while she turns around and STEALS from them. And then when one of her buyers rightly complains about not receiving what they purchased from her, she bullies them into keeping silent or writing an apologetic "review" to clear her name. She does not do the right thing, she only cares about herself, and she is a straight up crook, a thief, and an incompetent "businesswoman". Looking forward to Part II!

  2. Another scam by Lauren:

  3. I need to ask what do you mean by bullies them Im really schocked about her behauvor...

  4. Anon, I refer to this:

    (scroll down to read Felice's/Lauren's message)



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