Saturday, November 19, 2011

Deumos, Part II: It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Commits a Crime

As the word began to spread around Tumblr through countless reblogs via Tӓhti's review, Lauren continued to ignore and block anyone who came to her inquiring about their items or the situation. The following screenshot was actually posted by Tӓhti on her Formspring, showing that Tӓhti herself had been blocked from commenting on Lauren's blog. Notice the comments at the bottom from others who were scammed as well.

Tӓhti's response to the same question on her Formspring:

It is also important to note that, in the screenshot Tӓhti posted in her above response it can be seen that Lauren was deleting comments on her blog from her scammed Deumos customers. The situation was posted in efagz and became one of the most commented efagz posts to date with over 1,500 commentswith not one single Felice stan coming to her defense. The situation hereafter became affectionately known on the internet as FeliceGate 2011. Throughout this two-day shitstorm, Lauren stubbornly refused to issue any statements (or, more importantly, any refunds) and instead decided to obsessively stalk her tags on Tumblr and attack or tattle to Tumblr staff anyone who questioned what she was doing. As the internet and her blog inevitably began to blow up, she decided that the best, most professional solution would be to put on one of her Deumos shirts (yes, really) and sit on Stickam for nearly 8 hours straight while throwing back bottle after bottle of booze, chain-smoking endlessly, and ignoring/blocking anyone who came into her chat to ask about their items/the situation and why she wouldn't respond.

Notice how Lauren didn't even have to do anything but sit there and get obliterated... her own personal e-creeper, Andy (gnarcolepsy) took care of nearly all of the banning and excuses for her. Yet even more proof that Lauren doesn't do anything for herself and lives a truly coddled, dependent existence. But I digress...

Even when she has committed a crime and stolen from countless people with the evidence right in front of them, her "fans" seem afraid to approach her, like they can hardly believe she has the capacity to do wrong. That, and being an irritable, defensive loose cannon whenever anyone disagrees with her certainly doesn't aid in making her approachable. Observe more of Lauren's refusal to respond or take responsibility for her crimes, and letting Andy "clean up" her mess for her:

As you can see from all of the above screenshots, several different people came in asking about the situation and she ignored every single one of them while staring into her webcam and usually only responding if someone in the Stickam chat told her she was pretty. It is also worth noting that not ONE of these people attacked her personally. They just wanted to know what was going on. But, in Lauren's world, apparently it is better to pretend that consequences for one's illegal actions don't exist and let the sycophants she surrounds herself with on Stickam do her damage control.

In summary, for 8 hours she sat and stared at the internet while consuming nothing but alcohol and cigarettes, ignoring the people she scammed and any questions about Deumos at all. I don't know about you, my dear reader, but that's probably one of the least admirable ways to conduct business that I've ever seen. Lauren Cook's actions are the actions of a straight-up, unrepentant thief, a hollow shell of a person with no morals, one who ultimately cares about herself above all else and to the detriment of others. It's also interesting (and humorous) to note that it was from this situation that the moniker "Lauren Crook" came into existence and has more or less cemented itself into efag infamy. (Honestly, it seems to this writer that trying to run away from her past by changing her name has really done her more harm than good.)

She decided that this would be the best message to post on her blog to all of her scammed customers:

Lauren posted this picture in response to Tӓhti, all of her scammed customers, and the
"haters" calling her out for taking her customers' money and not shipping their goods.

Oh, she did.

How could someone who tries so hard to have such a humanitarian image, always quick to dole out "advice" to impressionable teens and preaching at every opportunity, turn around and treat her fellow humans so terribly? Not only her fellow humans, but her own followers and fans? And to be so appallingly brazen about having such moral disregard to post herself flipping off her audience as her only testament to it all... truly a low-class display. If Lauren was even half as good and virtuous of a person as she makes herself out to be, one would think that she'd have nothing to hide and would at the very least explain herself to the multitudes questioning her, right?

... Nope, not quite.

Continued in Part III...


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