Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Felice Fawn Does Cocaine Live on Webcam

Felice Fawn (Lauren Cook) did cocaine live on webcam on the night/morning of December 23rd-24th, 2011. It was a white Christmas for this anti-theist, indeed, and she made sure to tell as many people as possible (as though doing cocaine is anything to brag about).

She boasted about it on Twitter:

And on her Facebook, complete with a photo of herself alongside the fellow who allegedly gave her the blow:

Here are the Stickam screencaps that corroborate the fact that it was, indeed coke that she was snorting. To spare you from the brain-numbing inanity that is the Stickam chatroom, I have underlined the relevant comments. (You're welcome.)

Here she is in action:

Staring at the webcam while waiting for her next line.

She also thrashed her emaciated limbs around in a frantic, stereotypically coked-out dance while the three fellows accompanying her talked amongst themselves and more or less ignored her.

And then they did even more.

And more.

She got so amped up that she didn't seem to realize (or care) that her breast nearly fell out of her top.

And she even graced everyone with the compelling view of her filthy apartment floor. Oh, and her nether regions. But, that's nothing new.

Her younger sister, Nicola (seen at the bottom of this next screencap) saw her Facebook post and commented on it. Apparently, Lauren used to do cocaine in her teen years, with less than desirable results. (Not that doing cocaine ever yields positive results, by nature... but still, a telling comment.)

Her little sister seeing her boasting about doing the drug is just one reason that comes to mind when considering why posting about cocaine use all over social networking sites might be a bad idea. That should have made for an awkward Christmas with the family...

Someone commented on her heart to her boyfriend, Rich, who was present and also indulging.

It's interesting to note that last sentence: "I can assure you she won't be doing it again any time soon though." Apparently, they had a party at their flat on December 29th, just a few days after Lauren went on Stickam to broadcast their drug use, and cocaine was indeed present at this party. Just another example of how this couple lies about anything and everything in order to maintain the façade that everything is just fine in their debauched, codependent world:

Moving on...
Lauren felt the need to share exactly what she had been up to the morning after, when she ditched plans she had previously made with someone:

She couldn't just say "I'm not feeling well, let's reschedule." She had to be overly specific and boastfully share the dirty, illicit details. As though it's a point of pride, it seems.

Her Stickam was (obviously) banned for Terms of Service violation, as she had over 400 viewers at one point.

And here is her casually Tweeted reply in regard to getting banned for doing illegal drugs on Stickam.

"Hahahaha" indeed. How flippant. Doing cocaine = hilarious, according to Lauren.

She posted the following 2 .gif images on her Twitter, which really illustrate just how little she seems to care about the fact that she (publicly) did cocaine or about the repercussions that follow heavy drug use:

Despite the fact that she has a history of drug use, she seems to be treating all of this as one big joke. There's nothing cool, glamorous, or funny about any of this. However, what is funny is how this is coming from the girl who claimed to want a "more professional image" associated with her blog. True, she did not advertise her cocaine use on her actual blog (which hasn't been updated in some time), just her Twitter and Facebook, which are still linked to her name, of course. How can she claim to want a more professional image, then turn around and tell everyone that she's doing cocaine on Stickam? Is her need for attention that strong? Or has she finally given up on trying to be something she's not (responsible, professional, mature, kind) and is publicly embracing her real self? It's hard to say. One thing we can ascertain, however, is that she is in no place to be offering recovery support to anyone, for any reason.

As a final note to the cocaine debacle, this writer would just like to point out that Lauren still does have a few lingering followers hearkening from her ("secret") thinspo community days, and despite the evidence that has been circulating the internet for months now, many are still blindly loyal to her. (I would imagine because she has managed to stay thin, as she is still very much an active anorexic.) If I could ever dream up the worst possible role model for young girls suffering with eating disorders and low self-esteem, it is Felice Fawn/Lauren Cook, the narcissistic girl who keeps trying to run away from herself in the most self-destructive ways possible, and wants us all to watch her do it.


  1. this post is beautiful.

  2. funny how she's trying to get this blog taken down for "defamation of character." um, maybe she could refrain from bragging about her drug use all over the internet and doing it live on stickam.

  3. LOL @ "defamation of character" and "slander"....
    hilarious considering the majority of this blog is screencaps of posts Felice HERSELF made.

  4. She keeps threatening that she has a lawyer and plans to sue the internet for lander and spread defamation of character. Since Lauren keeps throwing around the wrong terms, I'm 99% positive she doesn't have a lawyer. She also went about contacting the site wrong since you must physically mail a request that something be taken down should you want to go to court over it. This is to show that you did first try to contact the person and have the information taken down. After searching the blogger help, the following information was posted about defamation.
    What is Defamation?
    False and untrue communication published with the specific intent of injuring another person’s reputation
    Injured person must be identifiable
    Libel—written form of defamation; Slander—oral form of defamation
    Lauren, you may be hearing voices but they're certainly not ours. Get your legal shit straight before playing internet tough guy.
    Should Lauren actually press charges, she would not get very far in the process. There is a big difference between false/untrue and wanting people to take down the proof of your moronic behavior.
    Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer.

  5. She is so pathetic.

  6. Well, this girl is, based on her actions and what she herself has said of her past and personality, not healthy, in many ways, I've learned. It's the anorexia, it's the insomnia, it's the drinking, it's the drugs, it's the internet addiction, it's the constant need to be seen and heard, it's stuff from her past...and the lost just goes on and on, I guess. I've noticed she also say one thing and do another. For instance, it could be about anything really, like she said she never believe in Karma, then this girl wrote her that she believed in it, and after a while, Felice/Lauren started saying SHE now starts to believe in Karma. Ok, no biggie. Only, it seems Felice/Lauren often takes after people. Especially in this case with that girl. That girl who wrote a short comment on Karma to Felice/Lauren also had an account on FB and on Stickam. On FB this girl was friends with one of Felices/Laurens friend. It's quite obvious that Felice/Lauren got an eye on this girl, as she started copying her pics from FB and Stickam, posing the same way, wearing minimal make up, the way this girl did on her pictures, even toning out the pics the very same way. The girl had nothing personal to do with Felice/Lauren, she only happened to be friends with one of her internet-friends and that's about it. And even though the girl don't have a FB or Stickam anymore, Felice/Lauren obviously still keep on copying stuff she's written/said or pictures etc. This girl had been talking to a friend on Stickam about how she wanted to try to be a vegetarian a while back too....what happends now, yes, Felice/Lauren has recently said that SHE is suddenly becomming a vegetarian. O_O And on and on like this it goes! (There's much more stuff that's been copied btw, and I highly doubt it's just a co-incidence!)DESPITE the fact that Felice/Lauren said she don't believe in karma, she loves meat and sushi, she always use to wear only black clothes, dark make up etc etc...she suddenly started doing/saying the complete opposite, to what...be like this girl??? O_O Well, I know that girl, and she is the complete opposite of Felice Fawn/Lauren Cook, soooo...for Felice/Lauren to try to be like her...I doubt she'll ever succeed lol. NO ONE can EVER be anyone else! Get that. Also, this girl, she would never EVER do drugs, and definitely not sit on cam/internet all day long, and/or snort coke and all that crap! So I don't know what's up with this Felice Fawn/Lauren Cook, but she certainly seems to have issues. The ONLY thing I would say is good with Felice/Lauren would be the fact that she cares for animals. That's all. But to be setting people up over the net, stalking certain chicks and stealing/copying stuff they've done or way to look etc etc, doing drugs on cam...it's just NOT ok. That's my one and only contribution to the discussion about Felice Fawn/Lauren Cook. I think she needs a long vacation from internet, have all possible pc's taken away from her sight and some kind of help for her issues. Apparently, all the hype she's gotten over the internet is making her addicted to the whole thing and all narcissistic...

  7. Who is this girl you speak of that Lauren apparently wants to emulate? Feel free to email me anonymously at jealoushater@hotmail.com ... I am quite curious!

  8. The girl is just a regular girl. She's not even from UK, as Felice Fawn. And she has nothing to do with her either. She's not part of her "fans" or anything like that. She's just a regular older girl who happened to be friends with one of Felice's online friends a while ago. And I guess Felice got some kind of hang-up on her and noticed her via this mutal friend, on FB or something and from there stole/copied things the girl was writig about, same expressions, posing and trying to look the same as her diverse profile pics and so on?
    The girl has never been a friend of Felice Fawns though, however, she did post a question to her on her blog long ago. That's all.
    It's also strange, cause the girl is not on FB and/or Stickam anymore and not friends anymore with that guy who knows Felice either, STILL, weird things keep on happening, as if Felice still knows her whereabouts on the internet?! (Which isn't many places, no blog, no FB, no social forums at all, but I guess she might have her IP-address and maybe stalks her like that and the very few places she goes on, on the net??? Who knows. But it's probably very unlikely that it would just be a pure coincidence that Felice just "happends" to do or write etc etc the very same stuff as the girl?! And I may also add that of course it all happends AFTER the girl did something or wrote something etc, AFTER her Felice does something, for example writes the very same way or about the very same things as HER/the girl. Same expressions and everything! So yeah, this could def be a possible case of stalking. Which is freaky as the girl is just a regular chick!
    I've read somewhere on the net though, that Felice is said to have stalked other chicks before??? I don't remember where I saw it but I know for a fact that I did read it a while back. And apparently she is also attracted to chicks, as she herself has claimed many times. But this girl is not even bisexual, and she's not interested in Felice Fawns life whatsoever, so if Felice Fawn is sort of obsessed or stuck on her, it will just be a dead end!
    Anyway, i just wanted add all that on here cause I know the girl in question and I know how uncomfortable she is to be on the net now due to all this. We can't know for a fact that she is indeed stalked, but like I said, it's VERY odd, and pretty unlikely, that it's a pure coincidence that whatever this girl writes on the net etc, is being written in Felice Fawns blog AFTER the girl wrote something etc, a day or so BEFORE Felice...

  9. whats the name of this person?

  10. OK, now you're just teasing me with all of this juicy info. Pleeease email me the name of this person. I assure you that I will not post her name on this blog.

  11. Well, that's not really relevant what her name is or who she is. Like I said, she's just a regular girl out there, not a blogger, not a tumblr-chick or anything like that at all.
    She's just baffled by the whole copy-thing and I agree with her, it is indeed very odd all of it. That's my only point and all I wanted to add to this Felice Fawn site.
    But then again, stalking is not a new phenomenon anymore, and cyber stalking seems to be rather populare these days. Being someone who copies others, aka "copycats" is def nothing new either, BUT, if it's true, what we suspect, that Felice Fawn actually do follow this girl around the net then it's pretty pathetic, twisted and useless.
    I have never understood people like that and I never will.
    That's why I feel for this girl, as she has been stalked in real life by other people, I know for a fact she's really tired of it as it is.
    Not being able to be let alone on the net even is just another annoying factor to it all.
    Anyway, if the pattern continues, we will indeed take things further in order to regain privacy.

  12. I ask because I'd really like to know if there is any basis to these claims. You've really piqued my curiosity with all of this info, and let's be real--you HAD to know I was going to ask! If what you've posted is in any way true, it truly is pathetic, twisted and useless, and sounds like Lauren has a one-way obsession. Which doesn't surprise me at all... everything is an obsession with her, from religion to eschewing pants.

  13. HEY! I found one of Felice's old myspace profiles as Jade Bambi Rose. It gives a more insight of her personal life before the "fame."


  14. Thanks, anon! I did see that recently (it was posted to efagz on Livejournal and many lulz were had) and it's been thoroughly screencapped. I will be adding it to the blog soon. I wonder if Lauren is starting to have trouble coming up with new internet pseudonyms for herself...

  15. Hello again.
    Well, I know the girl and I know she wouldn't make it all up. There's no reason at all for her to make it up. And I've looked into it for myself and there is sooo many things that she seems to have copied. It's even screencapped and saved as proof. For example, Felice Fawns pictures that she has taken AFTER the girls pictures was long taken and on her old profiles. Those pictures are clearly a rip-off of that girl! Little details like the same pose, same color of lipgloss...you name it. And as far as things that's been written it's also been screencapped and saved as a proof. And if you put things side by side, it's clearly a case of copycat/stalker! So yes, she's definitely not making anything up.
    I'd give you her name if she had agreed to it, but she really don't wanna be dragged into it with her name and the pictures etc. So yeah, it's a bit of a shame cause that would be a proof then.
    But we will keep looking into if this pattern continues on her diverse blogs/twitters etc, and if it does, we will take this with the police I guess.
    It's one thing to be influenced by one or two things that someone has done, but to right off follow someone that doesn't even ask for that attention, is not a blogger or such, and to copy so much things is really a crime. And it's not a matter of who it is that does it, it's still freaky and shouldn't be accepted for anyone. And to me, if this is a case of stalking, as we suspect, then it's even more freaky, if you ask me, that a chick stalks a chick! I mean, normally it's guys stalking chicks but I guess this Felice might have found this girl special in some way or her looks or something? Still, it's not flettering at all, to be stalked...
    So yeah, we will see what happends.
    We might get back to you with details on how it goes with this whole thing later, if you would like.
    I've looked into this Felice Fawns blogs for myself a lot now and apparently she has a lot of hang-ups...so I guess it wouldn't be much of a surprice if she's doing stuff like this aswell, indeed... =/

  16. Felice makes me sad. I've sent soo many tumblr 'asks' to Rich just saying basically "I know neither of you are perfect, your kids, you do dumb shit, but what happens on the internet, will always be on the internet and will hurt Felices future at any 'real' job (even real MODELING jobs- if an employer saw this- which can easily be done by googling her name as its on the 2nd google page if I remember correctly- they would NOT hire her.) And if your employers saw screen caps of you both admitting to do coke, it could affect your job as well. You have been there for Felice for 8 years, you've seen her behavoiur, you wouldn't allow her to starve herself to death, cut herself so deep she died, right? So why do you think it's okay for her to drink herself to death and drug herself into a heart attack?"

    But eh. He must just not care, sad, because I did.

    1. ^^^ Sorry for all those spelling errors. I guess I *could* have gone through my message before publishing it! >.>

  17. looks like she got a new stickam account presumably to shake off all the people she's scammed www.stickam.com/daemonium

    AND today she got her baps out in stupid temps.. classy https://twitter.com/#!/felicefawn/status/157842594016149505/photo/1

    1. She made that account because her other one got banned/deleted due to her activities laid out in this entry.

      I saw that picture in efagz. She is high class, indeed. It's pretty hilarious to see a Brit appropriating a NATIVE AMERICAN CULTURE. In nothing but white panties, no less. She is so desperate for attention that it is actually becoming somewhat painful to watch what she resorts to...

  18. I agree with this last comment.
    I think her intention has been to become some kind of "internet celebrity" all along.
    Which then resluted in her being an internet addict, who just HAS got to have the attention from all her so called "followers" and all that.
    Which is sad, indeed.
    Especially considering the fact that she lays it all out on the table, so to speak, for everyone to witness. The destruction, that is.
    But really, she's just a regular girl, with a lot of issues, so I never understood the whole hype around or about her. She's not THAT interesting.
    But apparently, the kids soak it all up and see her as this role model.
    Satanism is trending alot cause of her, it seems, as atheism, inverted crosses, starving yourself and the whole Felice-Fawn-kit, so to speak.
    Which is also quite sad, that people can't just focus on themselves and do their own thing?

  19. Felice is seriously pathetic. "ACCIDENTLY ALL TEH COCAINEEE" wow that's so cool

  20. let the girl experiment if she needs to, if you didnt like her you wouldn't all be following her every move...

    1. You've been having a field day commenting here, haven't you? See, no one's disputing that she can do cocaine if she wants to. It's the fact that she bragged about it on Twitter and Facebook, and then broadcast herself doing it live on webcam for attention. That's what people take issue with. No one is "following her every move" when she goes to the effort of putting HERSELF out there and doing really stupid shit. It amazes me that there are still a few lingering "fans" who think Lauren is perfect and can do no wrong, and even go so far as to defend their precious queen when she does such admirable things as, uh, SNORTING COCAINE ON WEBCAM. Oh, and scamming at least 8 of her own fans.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I am DEFINITELY interested! If you'd rather not post all of that stuff publicly on this entry, please feel free to email me directly at the email address listed in the sidebar of this blog. I would love to know more! (I won't post this girl's private info on this blog if she does not want me to.)

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. Oh, this sounds exactly like the story about the girl first mentioned here, seemingly being stalked by Felice Fawn on the www. WOW. Could this really be?
    Maybe she got the inspiration for her "dark look" by this second girl then and her more "feminine look" with natural make up etc by the first girl mentioned earlier in this post, hah. That would be rather freaky! Seems like people dislike Felice Fawn for different reasons, speaking for myself, it's cause she seems like a poser, attention craver and stalker/copycat. I just she would lay off with the stalking/copycat stuff. She should know how it feels being stalked! Why do it to someone who has nothing at all to do with her?! =/ Besides, no one can ever become someone else, no matter how much they copy. There will for example never, ever be another Kurt Cobain, another Marilyn Monroe, another Jimi Hendrix...it's just pathetic when people attempt to be or look like someone else. Please, understand this simple fact!

  24. gosh she tries hard doesn't sheMarch 15, 2012 at 1:51 AM

    Oh dear. Come on though, even coming from a reasonably mild background myself, most people I know have tried or heavily used at least something illegal, from casual tokes to people ruining their lives on meth and losing their kids.

    It's not really "cool" or edgy unless you're 15 years old though, surely? When you grow up a bit it's just recreation, something fun to do, get a little fucked up in the weekend, or to relax in the evening... not really something to show off about...?
    The way she goes on and on in such an attention-seeking way reminds me of being ten years old when we were just old enough to think drugs were cool and ever-so grown up, so we'd drink strawberry liqueur ice cream topping and be all "I am sooo drunk!!!" Despite it being maybe 5% at the most, and getting sick from the sugar before feeling drunk, really. But still we'd stumble around looking like utter dickholes. A lot like this girl.

  25. How pathetic you all spend so much of your fucking time criticizing what an adult chooses to do with HER life. If you don't like it, don't watch her cam, or read her blog, or look at her photos. The fact is you are all so fucking disgustingly obsessed with her, you just can't stop your selves from putting so much effort into judging her. Yeah sure call me a whiteknight, but for real, get a fucking hobby, seriously, how much time do you all spend waiting around for the next big thing to talk about? I leave you with this,

    "Intelligent people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people."

    who the fuck are you?

    1. Obsessed, yes. With her? No. They are obsessed with getting their refund for the items they bought from Deumos that Lauren never sent. She scammed people, and committed fraud, I don't know if you know but that is ILLEGAL. And from everything I have read so far it looks like the only way Lauren is issuing refunds is if people call her out on it or talk about something she did. What is wrong with talking about something that SHE DID? Do you see what I did there?

  26. I was just told to delete my posts. =/

  27. If Felice is so bad and you don't give two fucks about her.. Why'd you take the time to make a hate blog?
    I mean, shit. That takes real passion/obsession.
    You all, my dears, are pathetic, just so you know.
    Also, You're an idiot if you think this will actually deter people from still loving her.
    You're just fueling the fire.
    'Cause haters make you famous.

    1. I'd never heard of her until I googled her because someone was using her as a PB on a RP forum. Now that I know how she does act, yeah, no. I've been deterred, and you look like an idiot to me, making me dislike her even more because it's even clearer now that these guys aren't making stuff up.

      Lmao. Smooth. You're as terrible at damage control as Felice.

    2. And if YOU love Felice so much and still think she's the most perfect human being on Earth... why do you take the time to read these "hate" blogs? Oh yeah, and by the way, where is the "hate"? I don't know if we're reading the same blog, but from what I've seen, this is nothing but a compilation of stuff Felice has said and done herself, provided with evidence like screencaps. No hate.

      If you're so mad about this blog being updated, please tell your idol Failice to stop scamming, doing drugs and bragging about it, lying compulsively, and repeatedly screwing up in general - then we'd have nothing to post. It doesn't require a lot of devoted stalking and digging to find out Felice's true colours, as she generously writes everything publicly for us to see.

      Sorry, but you guys are the idiots is you come here to provoke yourselfs by reading these posts, and still fail to see how Felice is really like. Well, maybe you are blind to the obvious because too busy brownnosing her? I don't know what you think you'll gain by whiteknighting a person who's not worth defending? She doesn't give a shit about her little whiteknighters. And oh come on, are you seriously resorting to the ridiculous "haterZZZ make you f4mouZ!!1" argument? What exactly is so great about being disliked and known for your disgusting and idiotic behaviour?

  28. I came across this blog while playing around on StumbleUpon, and it's pretty interesting. I can't believe some of the low-life things she's done, like scamming innocent people. Why does felice/lauren spend so much time on the computer anyways? Real life is more fun. She should try it sometime.

    1. Felice Fawn spends 99,9% of her time infront of her little laptop cause a) she's sociophobic b) she's an internet addict of no like c) she's obsessive d) she likes cyber stalking and copying a certain girl who she can never be like, but desperately keeps trying e) it's her main goal in life-to become as famous as possible on internet to tumblr and twitter teens f) she's a narcissist g) she's too lazy to do anything of actual importance h) she has a boyfriend, family and friends, yet no life OR: h) ALL of above.
      Now, what do you personally think? I'd say H. =D

    2. CORRECTION: The last option should be I, of course, not another h. So the correct answer should be, if you ask me personally: I.
      Sorry for the error.

  29. slightly off topic but she reminds me incredibly of a comic book character from a series called peach girl; in it, the main character is plagued by Sae a girl who copies her every move and tries to make everyone's life miserable. the girl has black hair and big eyes and uses her looks as a way to get everyone to believe the lies she tells. Her philosophy was that if she looked the way she did and started crying, then everyone would take her side and feel bad for her as if she was the poor baby deer who got hurt, so she could get away with anything. Too bad the truth hasn't come out completely yet for felice

  30. Nothing wrong with using cocaine, however posting about it all over the internet is a whole other thing..

    1. You're dumb as fuck. Just saying. How can anyone say "nothing wrong with using cocaine". DAMN. Only that proves that you've blown your brains doing a little too much yourself. =D JUNKIE.
      P.S. Yes, I consider all the "fine, glamorous" people junkies aswell, no money or fame will save their arses, cause trust me, it will never, ever, be a nice merit to have cocaine on your CV of life.
      Most cokeheads has surely noticed this for themselves, in the end...

    2. Definitely have to agree with you on that one. People experiment and shit only to get themselves caught up in it. Cocaine is not a one time thing, it fucks you up. There are numerous people that went to (and are still currently attending) my high school who have already been to rehab before their final year because of it. Should have graduated by now.. aha.


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