Sunday, January 15, 2012

Felice Fawn Lies About Her Bank's Policies To Gain Sympathy, £££

The scam artist is back at it, only this time she's lying about her bank's policies in an attempt to gain sympathy and possibly extort (more) money from her followers.

She publicly discusses her finances in detail with one of her sycophants. (Who discusses this kind of personal business on Twitter, of all places?)

How would they not have noticed if it was going on for 10 months? Doesn't their institution offer online statements? Also, how would she not know she was short such a large amount each month if she was making frivolous purchases at the same time? Surely she knew she had somemoney, so how would she or Rich not notice these alleged charges each month? She even said "We had no idea where our money was going" which implies that she did know about the charges. However, when any institution charges an overdraft fee, it is clearly stated as such on the account. Something doesn't add up...

Naturally, her solution is to shirk responsibility. Just take the money and run, like a criminal. And post the details on Twitter. SMART! She even mentioned contesting her bank in court... which is just... hilarious. Lauren is not exactly a stranger to being on the wrong side of the law.

If Lauren was that concerned with the legalities of the situation, one would think that she'd be calling her bank instead of whining about it on Twitter to anyone who will listen to and agree with her. Oh, and not cussing out her institution. Classy.

She also used this ploy for sympathy as an excuse to talk about food--or lack thereof, rather, as this also seems like another way for her to publicly talk about her eating disorder:

Perhaps Lauren should start coordinating her lies with Rich's tweets. as he posted on the same day about buying and making food. Oops! Refusing to eat food is not the same thing as not actually having any, Lauren!

Moving on...
Even though Lauren initially claimed that the bank took £1K, she soon posted that she settled for a paltry £150 refund. Which doesn't make much sense, especially considering that she wasjust taunting her bank to fight her in court. Neither does this:

Interesting. What money? I thought you were complaining that the bank took it all and put you in the red?

Like I said... not adding up.

Apparently, she doesn't think that anyone else on the internet knows how to use Google.

And here is a detailed explanation of Santander's overdraft policies, which prove that no matter what type of account one has, there is no possible way that one would be charged £1K in overdraft charges over a period of 10 months.

Lauren's latest extortion attempt was posted to efagz. Noteworthy comments debunking her ridiculous claims:

Speaking of scam artistry, Lauren also posed this brilliant idea to her followers on Twitter, as though she couldn't make it any more obvious that she feels above actually working for anything and should just have money handed to her:

I'm starting to think that this girl is physically incapable of feeling shame.


  1. I didn't finish the whole thing, and I don't like or dislike this girl but I thought I'd point out I've had that problem with Santander, but you DO get told about it through multiple bank statements and letters.>_<

    1. Yeah, banks tend to notify account holders like crazy before putting OD charges through. She's just really irresponsible, and her story is full of holes.


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