Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Charity of Saint Felice

Lauren has posted on Twitter that she'd like to draw a picture of an animal, sell it, and give the proceeds to "an animal charity".

Seems convenient when she just posted this a few days ago...

And this:

Did I mention that they're also getting evicted from of their newest flat and have to be out in 2 months?

But most importantly, let's not forget that THIS HAPPENED. It's never going to stop mattering that Deumos happened. It's never going to stop mattering that she committed fraud on a large scale and has essentially "gotten away with it" so far because it happened on the internet and she thinks she can block/ban/ignore anyone who tries to contact her about it, and because she has an in with a website (Tumblr) whose staff are primarily interested in site traffic and will delete so-called "negative" tagged posts that call her out. In reality, the majority of those posts are only spreading the truth. If the truth generates negativity toward a person, then that person's actions are the problem, not those merely trying to warn others.

Until Lauren makes right with those she scammed (and I don't mean a pithy apology--I mean recompense), every time she announces a new financial scheme, she is going to be reminded of Deumos. It's just a fact. No matter how much she tries to portray herself as a selfless, compassionate humanitarian, the fact that she scammed innocent people and has not resolved it remains. There is no expiration date for crimes committed.

Personally, I would never donate money to someone who is merely saying they’re raising money for an organization when they 1) are not a representative for said charity and 2) have made no attempt to prove they have contacted the charity that is anticipating their donation. This is especially important because of the Deumos fraud, and also seems rather conveniently timed with the current eviction of Lauren & Rich from yet another apartment in less than 6 months. This is just my opinion, but I suppose in Lauren's mind, it's easier to cook up a new financial scheme instead of not partying most nights of the week, destroying property, and causing so much noise that neighbors complain.

She went live on webcam recently and someone asked her then about Deumos. She, of course, replied to every other question and said nothing at all in response.

Would you trust someone who is proven to have failed in mailing out her Deumos orders to donate any funds she receives to charity? Would you trust someone who won't talk about why she scammed 8+ people and quickly spent the money she made from Deumos on clothes, booze, and down payment for a new flat, to donate to anything that is not directly funding her own lifestyle?

I would be surprised if she follows through with it, and honestly, good for her if she actually does. Although, IMO, I think it would be prudent of her to refund her scammed Deumos customers instead of attempting to conjure up another money-making scheme. Not that that would excuse what she did... but it would be a start to repairing the damage she caused, certainly.

Again, this is just my opinion. But I wouldn't trust with my money a person who has proven themselves to be a financially motivated, unrepentant scammer to actually donate to a charity. Maybe when pigs have wings...


  1. it's rather clear that Lauren wants the money of people for pay her shit.

  2. "Maybe when pigs have wings..."

    what you did there......i see it.


    1. It's still up! I just checked the settings and for some reason, it was viewable to blog authors only? I was adding an author to it recently and apparently I made the blog restricted viewing as well. Oops. It's fixed now, though!

  4. Let me get this straight: did felice get plastic surgery?
    because i can't seem to figure out how she'd even manage to afford it seeing that she's complaining about not having money.

    1. I honestly don't think she's had any kind of plastic surgery. A lot of people believe she's had rhinoplasty--I really don't think she has. Weight loss/gain can drastically alter facial features. Also, she Photoshops the shit out of her nose in 99% of her pictures, so it's understandable how those who haven't seen her IRL would think she's had work done.

      If she ever does have surgery, though, I'm sure daddy would pay for it.

  5. Apparently Felice refunded someone for an order they made to her scam store. On Tumblr a girl claims she was contacted by Felice and was refunded. I don't believe that until I see proof!!



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