Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Birdy Told Me Lauren Has No Plans to Refund Anyone... and Here's the Proof

On Friday, I received an email from someone I will refer to only as "P". The screencapped text is from P's email to me. All images (except the two before the very last image) are also from P. I have separated the line breaks in the email as well as the images for ease of reading. 

...Private, eh?

Nope. Both of Chelsea's blogs are public. Both have Ask enabled. She lied.

And there it is. Indisputable proof that Lauren's claim in the Earth2Snowflake interview (analyzed in "Felice Fawn Threatens to Go Postal") that she is willing to refund anyone who has proof of having purchased from her is a lie, and that ultimately, she cares more about shopping for her own frivolities than refunding the customers she defrauded. 

It is also important to note that Lauren's original post about receiving 4 parcels from the Royal Mail has been deleted. It's very convenient that she changed her Tumblr URL after posting that announcement... however, if one enters the same link minus the "lilith", the post is still nowhere to be found. A Google search yields the same results.

You can find Chelsea's Paypal receipt on the Deumos victim list as well as on her blog. She is Case #2 in the victim list entry. While verifying the details of P's email to me, I also located the message that Lauren sent to p0kemina--you can view it here
(Note: For whatever reason [most likely a coding error], the date that Lauren sent p0kemina the message displays on p0kemina's blog as being Tuesday, May 5. However, May 5th was a Saturday. May 8th was indeed a Tuesday. Also, if you look at the notes link for any of the May posts on p0kemina's blog, they are ALL listed as "May 5". Just wanted to clarify, as I was a bit confused by this at first, too.)

ETA: Scammed Deumos customer Ellie (neverlandbegins) has come forward to show that she contacted Lauren after she posted the Royal Mail announcement on her blog... and she never replied. Ellie's name was on the list Lauren posted, and is Case #5 in the Deumos list. Here is the email she sent to Lauren:

That makes 2 since Lauren decided to publicly acknowledge the people she scammed, only to delete the original post and issue no refunds.

If there are any other scammed Deumos clients that are not on the Deumos victim list, please contact me directly at As always, thanks for reading... and many, many thanks to P for putting the pieces together for this post and helping to expose the truth about Felice Fawn.

I leave you with this absolutely stunning work of art by burnthetemple. Incidentally, the talented artist only learned of Lauren's existence through Chelsea and her experience in being scammed. The artist's statement is below the piece; I highly encourage everyone to read and reblog the post. Truly incredible...

Monday, May 7, 2012

Whispering Hypocrisy: An Analysis

Hypocrisy: the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have.

Focus 1:

There exist a large number of conditions wherein someone could conclude that Felice is selfless, caring, understanding, and charitable, based on this screencap alone.

1. They had no prior knowledge of Felice

2. They had prior knowledge of the soon to be posted activities but minimized them, and/or forgot about them over time

3. They recall previous occurrences of hypocrisy but fail to connect 1 and 1 together

and so on…

All of which are understandable. People do sometimes soak their toes in Lethe and forget. We aren’t all knowing beings. And, sometimes, we never quite get the chance to connect the dots. That just goes to show that our assumptions can be erroneous. This post is an attempt to prove the above cap wrong, through instances in the past and recent statements. 

Focus 2: (From oldest to more recent)

1. Direct Instances:

2. Felice Fawn's Amazon Wishlist (shifting from direct to indirect): link

2b. To prove it was posted on her blog once before in the past with the intention to get others to buy things for her:

3. Subtle Instances where she uses pathos and emotion (indirect):


In the first focus we see a case where Felice seems to be adamantly against donations/charity of any kind, whether it be from pity or just out of a fan’s own kindness (see the Cherye vs. Felice Fawn Case) The purpose of this post is to GAIN praise from her fans and praise her, they will. This is added to their mental lists as a reason why she’s a “good” person (we all know that argument). This is similar to the case of recoverysupport, where its purpose was so that she could GAIN praise and/or be noted as a good person. What’s the difference between Image1 Focus1, and Image1 Focus2? I’ll let you contemplate on that one reader. Although, I will note that Image1 Focus2 is much older than the recent screenshot. For some people, that’s reason enough to call this whole post invalid but bear with me. Usually, when one holds such strong inherent beliefs, they don’t sway from their beliefs. You can look at this many ways:

1. She has always held the belief that people shouldn’t donate to her, she acted hypocritically in asking people to donate to her (self-interest)

2. She never held the belief that people shouldn’t donate to her, this is all to put her in a positive light, make her look good to others (self-interest/hypocrisy for gain)

3. She never held the belief that people shouldn’t donate to her, and then changed it overtime for whatever reasons (change to minimize losses that would most likely occur under direct hypocrisy)

There are probably more but this is all I can think of right now.

Then there was the time she had her Amazon wishlist on her blog. (Focus2, Image 2/2b) This was her transitioning from a direct to a more indirect method of getting people to give her things (whether it be money or items) . She never asked them to get her anything from her wishlist, but the fact that it was there, and it was there during a time when people are prone to be more giving (Christmas), and that she posted asks such as 2b, where fans talked about getting her items, shows that it was there for more than just taking up space on her blog. She was suggesting that the fans get her these items with its very presence. She did make a couple of posts about it even, if memory serves right.


Read the tweets. Imagine them coming from someone else (if you can’t muster up sympathy for Felice), more reasonably, from someone you like or admire. From a fan’s standpoint, If you can help, you would want to help, because you would feel bad for them. You would feel compelled to raise their happiness, if only a little, lest you feel like a terrible person and horrible fan for not helping your idol when they’re in need. That’s exactly how subtle and vile this indirect donation asking is. It exploits human emotions. (Focus2, Image3)

Even if the recent posts are not as direct as the older posts, they are still posted with the intention to arouse some sort of pity or emotion in her readers. Hearing about how she has to “support everyone”, how fucked they are because she can only “afford to pay 50%” of their bills, how she has to “sell” one of her “kidneys”, how she’s “crying” and “terrified”, all have one purpose and that’s to make you the reader feel bad for her through emotional rhetoric. Not to minimize how terrible it is when someone gets laid off, but truly, as a 24 (or so) year old, if something this truly shaking happens in your life, it would usually prompt some sort of action, such as getting another job or being proactive instead of tweeting about it.

(NOTE: I have been on Rich’s Twitter and Tumblr and I have not seen any post about him losing his job, which I feel would be something that would be weighing on his mind quite a bit, so I’m skeptical, as you should be as well, reader. Either, he has great coping skills [considering they can no longer pay most of their bills, according to Felice] or he has handled the situation by calling family and relatives so that they could help pay, because, let’s face it, Felice is the farthest thing from an independent woman. Or none of it is true. Time will tell.)

But if anything, the fact that, if it truly happened, Rich didn’t go on a Twitter spree crying about it. If it happened, he is seemingly in much better spirits today, so it was something that could be handled without involving fans. So you have to ask yourself, why was it even necessary that Felice go on this posting spree about how terrible all of it is and how she can’t afford her bills anymore, how she has to support all these people all by herself? Why to her fans, her readers? Why not her family and/or her friends?

Think about it...

Many thanks to sansfairenbruit for writing and for giving me permission to re-post this.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Felice Fawn Threatens to Go Postal

On April 24th, Lauren posted the above statements on her Tumblr. She went on to offer more details and also to ask a very important question:

The mere fact that she even said "What the fuck am I supposed to do with these fucking items that were posted 6+ months ago?" says it all, really. My suggestion: how about... oh, I don't know... contacting the people whose parcels you now supposedly have in your possession and SHIPPING THEM TO THOSE PEOPLE? If those people even want the items at this point, that is, which could be resolved by contacting those people directly and offering the paid-for items or a full refund.

It almost seems like she wanted her followers to respond by telling her to keep the items. I mean, if one legitimately mails a parcel out to someone and they never receive it, and it somehow eventually makes its way back to you, the sender, wouldn't it follow that you then contact the intended recipient and let them know you have their parcel? 

This was her response to the above comment from Tumblr user, circleofsnakes:

The next day, she posted this announcement.

Look a bit shady? I thought so, too. Let's analyze.

  • When packages in the post get lost, they go missing by area. Not by sender. Unless Lauren really expects everyone to believe that her post office took 4 of the packages she supposedly shipped, put them all aside in some hidden closet in the sorting facility, and just now found them, magically untouched after all this time, just... no. Especially considering that these "packages" were to be sent different places around the world. There is no conceivable way they would all get lost and turn up together.
  • Look carefully at the photo Lauren provided. It is very strange that these packages appear to have no stamps or markings on them. In fact, they appear to be in nearly pristine condition. Parcels, especially international ones, go through many hands in transit and end up with many subsequent stamps, sort facility markings, dates, initials, scuffs, etc. Anyone who has ever received an international parcel will be able to reiterate this. They are usually pretty marked up by the time they reach their intended destination. Also, the rips in the packaging look fresh. Like they were done within the past few days. If those packages had previously been lost in the post for almost a full year, they would look much worse for wear.
  • The post office doesn't look up senders' info by their card payments. If a package goes missing, it is marked 'Return to Sender' and sent back to the return address, or it eventually is sent to the recipient, if indeed it eventually turns up.
  • If these are legitimate, why doesn't she take a photo of the shipping labels as proof? They would have the dates from which they were originally posted and it would prove that they were really lost.
  • If she already has the full names and addresses of the intended recipients, why doesn't she just contact them directly (and privately) instead of acting like they're anons? Not to mention how unprofessional it is to post peoples' last names on her personal blog for all to see. Wouldn't it be easier (and more legitimate) to contact these people via Paypal, since those records are easily obtainable through one's email and Paypal history?
  • Merely posting a picture of some haphazardly wrapped/taped paper bag doesn't prove anything. Anyone could throw together some extra material to look like parcels, especially when you're someone who does as much online shopping as Lauren does. She is not above putting together bogus "evidence" to look like a valiant attempt to do the right thing.
  • Only one of the names Lauren provided is also on the Deumos victim list I compiled, and that's Ellie P. But, to be fair, that list is ongoing and incomplete. Those other names *could* very well belong to actual scammed customers. But it is very interesting to note that none of the documented Deumos customers who ordered custom studded apparel/shoes (Tahti, Nicola G., Chelsea, possibly others) have had packages mysteriously turn up. It's really not so far-fetched to conclude that Lauren ordered some wholesale printed T-shirts from a website like Cafepress (especially since the designs were very simple), "wrapped" them up using paper bags or mailing material she already had, and then claim that Royal Mail suddenly found them and called her to have her go pick them up. It would also be far less expensive and less of an effort for her to just order some upside-down cross/pentagram T-shirts than to buy new shoes/basques and put time into studding them. Are things starting to add up yet?
  • Lauren has moved since the Deumos scam. If those packages really have just turned up from Royal Mail, why wouldn't they be sent to the address she was living when this all originally happened? It's possible that she could have filled out a change of address form to have her mail from her previous address forwarded to her current one, but let's be real; that involves actually going to the post office, something Lauren has proven to be allergic to.
  • She posted the entry to her personal Tumblr. This is odd because it seems like she's operating under the assumption that those she scammed currently follow her in the dim hopes that she just might mention something about their items. Just my opinion, but it is just so self-absorbed and egotistical of her to assume that people she ripped off can be bothered to follow her antics. It also seems like she posted such a message on her Tumblr so that all of her followers would see that it appears like she's trying to do the right thing. Let's not forget that everything she does/posts is carefully constructed to show her in a positive light, and things that don't are usually deleted.
  • Even if these packages are real and have just been mysteriously recovered by Royal Mail, she did a piss-poor job of wrapping them, which further illustrates just how unequipped she is to do any kind of business using the post.
  • I'm not sure why she's claiming to want compensation from Royal Mail when there is evidence proving that she has defrauded others. However, like the rest of her threats, this one's empty, too.

The good news is that it seems most people aren't buying it. 
Reactions from Tumblr and efagz:

Like the packaging in the photo she posted, Lauren's story is full of holes.

Now, I would like to direct your attention to a recent post on the Earth 2 Snowflake Tumblr (one of the very best truth blogs on Tumblr, IMO) in which Lauren was interviewed by the blog owner. The following are excerpts from that post relating to Deumos. This is the first time Lauren has publicly acknowledged the Deumos scam since everything came to light last summer. But don't get your hopes up--according to her, she's still a victim of "haters", terminally misunderstood, most certainly NOT a scammer, and seemingly never at fault for anything she does. Read on...

"Yes, this is true."

So her account was suspended because the seller tracked that she did receive the studs after being refunded and never sent them back. (Called it!)

"I had actually moved out of my flat by this point (which was the address the studs were ordered to) so to this day still have no idea whether they ended up arriving or not."

...She filed a complaint for (allegedly) not receiving items that were to be sent to a flat she moved out of? Does that make sense to you?

"I actually wasn't aware until recently that my old Ebay count had been suspended as I stopped using it some time ago, but it turns out it's because I owe Ebay a fee of no more than 50p for selling on their website, that's all."

Wait a minute. She just affirmed that her old eBay account was suspended because she kept the studs that she stated she never received, along with a full refund. Now her story changes to her account being suspended because she owes Ebay a fee of "no more than 50p". Hmmmmm.

"Also, the customer did receive their basque!"

That's odd... E2S didn't actually ask about that. Kind of bizarre and suspicious that Lauren would randomly volunteer irrelevant information that has absolutely zero proof to substantiate it.

"Due to the fact I didn't keep the receipts"

Doesn't really matter because when you purchase postage without tracking or insurance, the receipt is merely a record of the amount paid.

"I had to give them the address of each person who had contacted me with concern as to where their order was, and I was assured by a member of staff that they would try to locate the parcels and get back to me as soon as possible."

So, she had the contact information from each person who inquired about their order, and yet couldn't be bothered to contact them directly to keep them apprised of her efforts to resolve the issue? Not only that, but deleted any and all comments her scammed customers left on her Tumblr after they couldn't get a response from her via email?

"I called back the next day to see if they had any news for me, but was treated completely differently by another member of staff."


"I still went to the Post Office in person and filled out a compensation claim form, waited and waited, but nothing came of it."

Because by that time (shortly after receiving payments) she had already spent all of her customers' money. Also, assuming that she actually went to the PO and filled out such a form, it probably would have helped if she had had the receipts for that...

"By this point, people had already concluded that I was simply a scam artist whilst I was panicking about the situation and worrying how I would earn that amount of money back quickly (including the postage fees) to reimburse the people who claimed they didn’t receive their order."

They came to that conclusion because she consistently ignored, banned, and deleted the comments from those asking about their purchased items. Also because no refunds (except Tahti's and one partial refund/bribe to terrortwin) were issued. Also because not one single person received their Deumos items. Also because it is nearly a year after the fact... and those people still have received nothing.

"In the end, of course it bothered me that people who did receive successful orders didn’t come forward"

Because no one received anything. That's why there has never been a single photo or review to surface of a Deumos customer who actually received their merchandise. They simply do not exist.

"...but at that particular point in time it wasn’t even something that crossed my mind."

That's interesting. Most people with good business sense genuinely want to know if they have satisfied customers and want to see positive reviews Of course it didn't cross her mind. How could it when she knew, deep down, that it is virtually impossible for anyone to receive items that were never sent?

"I quickly realised that no matter what I said or how I tried to explain myself, my haters were too fixated on trying to prove that I was a con artist and too busy trying to prove that I was nothing more than a liar that no matter what I said would do more damage than harm."

This made me laugh. Seriously though, no one was "too fixated/too busy trying to prove" that she is a con artist because it was proven that she IS a con artist. Sharing undeniable proof does not a hater make.


That's right! If you have purchased from Lauren, have not been in contact with her and did not receive your items or a full refund, this is your cue to email her for possible compensation!

"It has been over a year now since this happened, so I have completely lost contact with people who claimed they didn’t receive their items."

Why does this sound like yet another excuse? All of those peoples' contact information is available through Paypal.

"However, because some people actually pretended to be unhappy customers simply to fuel the fire and add to the rumours and accusations, it became really difficult to distinguish between who was actually a legitimate customer and who was simply a malicious hater."

Again, real easy to resolve, and there is no reason that ever should have become "really difficult". Records for payments received via Paypal make it stupidly easy to discern who is a valid customer and who isn't. Although, as I said in Deumos, Pt. IV, I sincerely doubt that anyone made up claims that they bought from her when they didn't.

If telling the truth makes one a hater, then maybe it's the truth about Lauren that makes her so hateable. 

"I concluded that confronting the situation and talking about it would just cause more problems than solve them."

Because that's always a bright idea. It's a good thing all businesses don't operate in this manner.

This one was deleted from her Tumblr very quickly, but once again, Reader saves the day:

If she really has "proof", there is no reason to delete that post.

Finally, it looks like Rich, Lauren's long-time boyfriend and financial supporter, has lost his job, making the unemployed Lauren the sole provider for their household. All of the following tweets (except for the one about selling a kidney) have since been deleted. A big thank you to Notyourheroes for the screencap:

Be on the lookout for a potential Deumos 2.0. Maybe, just maybe this situation will finally force Lauren to grow up and have to work an ACTUAL job... but it's possible I'm being overly optimistic with that one. If there's anything I've learned about Lauren since starting this blog, it's that she always takes the easy way out, feels no remorse for all of her thievery, and that it's only a matter of time until her next scam. You've been warned.

Until next time...