Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little Birdy Told Me Lauren Has No Plans to Refund Anyone... and Here's the Proof

On Friday, I received an email from someone I will refer to only as "P". The screencapped text is from P's email to me. All images (except the two before the very last image) are also from P. I have separated the line breaks in the email as well as the images for ease of reading. 

...Private, eh?

Nope. Both of Chelsea's blogs are public. Both have Ask enabled. She lied.

And there it is. Indisputable proof that Lauren's claim in the Earth2Snowflake interview (analyzed in "Felice Fawn Threatens to Go Postal") that she is willing to refund anyone who has proof of having purchased from her is a lie, and that ultimately, she cares more about shopping for her own frivolities than refunding the customers she defrauded. 

It is also important to note that Lauren's original post about receiving 4 parcels from the Royal Mail has been deleted. It's very convenient that she changed her Tumblr URL after posting that announcement... however, if one enters the same link minus the "lilith", the post is still nowhere to be found. A Google search yields the same results.

You can find Chelsea's Paypal receipt on the Deumos victim list as well as on her blog. She is Case #2 in the victim list entry. While verifying the details of P's email to me, I also located the message that Lauren sent to p0kemina--you can view it here
(Note: For whatever reason [most likely a coding error], the date that Lauren sent p0kemina the message displays on p0kemina's blog as being Tuesday, May 5. However, May 5th was a Saturday. May 8th was indeed a Tuesday. Also, if you look at the notes link for any of the May posts on p0kemina's blog, they are ALL listed as "May 5". Just wanted to clarify, as I was a bit confused by this at first, too.)

ETA: Scammed Deumos customer Ellie (neverlandbegins) has come forward to show that she contacted Lauren after she posted the Royal Mail announcement on her blog... and she never replied. Ellie's name was on the list Lauren posted, and is Case #5 in the Deumos list. Here is the email she sent to Lauren:

That makes 2 since Lauren decided to publicly acknowledge the people she scammed, only to delete the original post and issue no refunds.

If there are any other scammed Deumos clients that are not on the Deumos victim list, please contact me directly at As always, thanks for reading... and many, many thanks to P for putting the pieces together for this post and helping to expose the truth about Felice Fawn.

I leave you with this absolutely stunning work of art by burnthetemple. Incidentally, the talented artist only learned of Lauren's existence through Chelsea and her experience in being scammed. The artist's statement is below the piece; I highly encourage everyone to read and reblog the post. Truly incredible...


  1. Hey, I've read this post about Felice from the peron that knows her in real life as Lauren. I know it's all about everyone's own judgement, but I think that may be truth. I also know a girl with ED that acts similar - it's psychology thing. She's also PROUD to be bulimic an acts self-effacing, but it's not true. She's always moaning about her illness when there's a programme about it in TV or when someone is talking about EDs in school. Plus she tells about it to many many people, even when they're not their close friends (so do I in fact).
    She's always comparing herself to others, sometimes i's like 'Oh, she's so thin, you're also are. Look at your tiny legs, I wish I looked like you!'. But sometimes she's rude ust like Lauren and complains about 'fat' girl figures. And clothes - they both 'feel pretty for a moment' when they buy something new. It's like retribution for now loving their bodies.
    Same with job. The same psychological portrait.
    You can laugh at me, because I'm just 18 and I am talking about psychology... But how do I know anything about it? Because of her. She udes to send me links about mental ilness that she has. Yep, I read them all. She also can talk for hours about what psychologist told he.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  2. This is really wonderful, thank you for taking the time out of your life to show the truth of Felice. Seriously, what she's doing (and has BEEN doing for quite some time) is wrong, and people need to realize that it's not OK.

  3. Hello there,

    A few clarifications,

    My name is Chelsea. The domain name “” links to my tumblr blog, “leithia”, which means “release” in Sindarin.

    You may refer to me to Chelsea in the future if you wish.

    Thank you kindly for spreading this knowledge to the masses. I find it imperative that no other individual be scammed by Lauren Cook aka “felice fawn”.

    *Note: Elvenfawn is my blogspot, the medium I am using to send this message.*

    Kind regards, and have a lovely evening,

    1. Hello Chelsea! I have edited the post to reflect the clarification on your name. Thank you for your comment, I was really glad to see you pop by this post.

      I will not stop blogging about Deumos until each and every one of Lauren's scammed customers is refunded. It won't stop mattering, it won't expire... her name will forever be associated with this. Although it IS really unfortunate that you had to go through this experience, I find it really quite beautiful that the above art piece was inspired by this ordeal. Like burnthetemple said, it may not be a monetary refund, but I think it's somehow much bigger than that. It's symbolic of the recent revolution in Tumblr blogging--truth blogging, which virtually didn't exist before the Deumos scam. There are some blogs which cross the line and don't truly fit under that title, and there are, of course, the stubborn fan blogs which are either too "starstruck" or willfully ignorant to believe evidence when it's presented to them. But the fact remains that something has changed. There's been a shift. We are more aware, and blogging is no longer merely about personal updates or posting about things we like. It's been realized that the "fans" of people like Lauren are who enabled her to get away with her shit for so long. And we won't stand for it. All we can do now is warn others, keep our eyes open, and never lose sight of the truth and its definition.


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