Monday, May 7, 2012

Whispering Hypocrisy: An Analysis

Hypocrisy: the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that one does not actually have.

Focus 1:

There exist a large number of conditions wherein someone could conclude that Felice is selfless, caring, understanding, and charitable, based on this screencap alone.

1. They had no prior knowledge of Felice

2. They had prior knowledge of the soon to be posted activities but minimized them, and/or forgot about them over time

3. They recall previous occurrences of hypocrisy but fail to connect 1 and 1 together

and so on…

All of which are understandable. People do sometimes soak their toes in Lethe and forget. We aren’t all knowing beings. And, sometimes, we never quite get the chance to connect the dots. That just goes to show that our assumptions can be erroneous. This post is an attempt to prove the above cap wrong, through instances in the past and recent statements. 

Focus 2: (From oldest to more recent)

1. Direct Instances:

2. Felice Fawn's Amazon Wishlist (shifting from direct to indirect): link

2b. To prove it was posted on her blog once before in the past with the intention to get others to buy things for her:

3. Subtle Instances where she uses pathos and emotion (indirect):


In the first focus we see a case where Felice seems to be adamantly against donations/charity of any kind, whether it be from pity or just out of a fan’s own kindness (see the Cherye vs. Felice Fawn Case) The purpose of this post is to GAIN praise from her fans and praise her, they will. This is added to their mental lists as a reason why she’s a “good” person (we all know that argument). This is similar to the case of recoverysupport, where its purpose was so that she could GAIN praise and/or be noted as a good person. What’s the difference between Image1 Focus1, and Image1 Focus2? I’ll let you contemplate on that one reader. Although, I will note that Image1 Focus2 is much older than the recent screenshot. For some people, that’s reason enough to call this whole post invalid but bear with me. Usually, when one holds such strong inherent beliefs, they don’t sway from their beliefs. You can look at this many ways:

1. She has always held the belief that people shouldn’t donate to her, she acted hypocritically in asking people to donate to her (self-interest)

2. She never held the belief that people shouldn’t donate to her, this is all to put her in a positive light, make her look good to others (self-interest/hypocrisy for gain)

3. She never held the belief that people shouldn’t donate to her, and then changed it overtime for whatever reasons (change to minimize losses that would most likely occur under direct hypocrisy)

There are probably more but this is all I can think of right now.

Then there was the time she had her Amazon wishlist on her blog. (Focus2, Image 2/2b) This was her transitioning from a direct to a more indirect method of getting people to give her things (whether it be money or items) . She never asked them to get her anything from her wishlist, but the fact that it was there, and it was there during a time when people are prone to be more giving (Christmas), and that she posted asks such as 2b, where fans talked about getting her items, shows that it was there for more than just taking up space on her blog. She was suggesting that the fans get her these items with its very presence. She did make a couple of posts about it even, if memory serves right.


Read the tweets. Imagine them coming from someone else (if you can’t muster up sympathy for Felice), more reasonably, from someone you like or admire. From a fan’s standpoint, If you can help, you would want to help, because you would feel bad for them. You would feel compelled to raise their happiness, if only a little, lest you feel like a terrible person and horrible fan for not helping your idol when they’re in need. That’s exactly how subtle and vile this indirect donation asking is. It exploits human emotions. (Focus2, Image3)

Even if the recent posts are not as direct as the older posts, they are still posted with the intention to arouse some sort of pity or emotion in her readers. Hearing about how she has to “support everyone”, how fucked they are because she can only “afford to pay 50%” of their bills, how she has to “sell” one of her “kidneys”, how she’s “crying” and “terrified”, all have one purpose and that’s to make you the reader feel bad for her through emotional rhetoric. Not to minimize how terrible it is when someone gets laid off, but truly, as a 24 (or so) year old, if something this truly shaking happens in your life, it would usually prompt some sort of action, such as getting another job or being proactive instead of tweeting about it.

(NOTE: I have been on Rich’s Twitter and Tumblr and I have not seen any post about him losing his job, which I feel would be something that would be weighing on his mind quite a bit, so I’m skeptical, as you should be as well, reader. Either, he has great coping skills [considering they can no longer pay most of their bills, according to Felice] or he has handled the situation by calling family and relatives so that they could help pay, because, let’s face it, Felice is the farthest thing from an independent woman. Or none of it is true. Time will tell.)

But if anything, the fact that, if it truly happened, Rich didn’t go on a Twitter spree crying about it. If it happened, he is seemingly in much better spirits today, so it was something that could be handled without involving fans. So you have to ask yourself, why was it even necessary that Felice go on this posting spree about how terrible all of it is and how she can’t afford her bills anymore, how she has to support all these people all by herself? Why to her fans, her readers? Why not her family and/or her friends?

Think about it...

Many thanks to sansfairenbruit for writing and for giving me permission to re-post this.


  1. haha, urban decay makeup on her amazon wishlist... i recall her on twitter recently, bashing urban decay for animal-testing and stating she wouldn't use their products.

  2. Felice Fawn is SO uninteresting. *Yawns* So boring. I've popped in on her blogs and shit all over the net every now and then for a while just to see what's so "special" about her and I'm so fed up with seeing her posts and face I just have no interest whatsoever to even read her name from now on!
    Her posts are either like a kid trying to be oh so adult and try to sound so smart and all that...the next minute she posts stuff sounding as if they came from a child aged 5 or so. "OMG, I JUST HAD A POO. IT WAS BROWN. OMG, I HAVE TO TELL RICH!" Or "OMG, I just ate a whole pizza. Now I will sleep. Then I will wake up..." Like...WHO THE FUCK CARES?! Totally braindead stuff and def not of any kind of importance at all. She seems so bored it's tragic. I don't know...
    she's just a fucked up little kid trying to be someone out there in this fucked up world. But she's just a wanna-be, like so many others. A little "hipster" who "experimented" with a little too much variety of drugs, which in turn probably gave her some permanent side-effects on her brain/psyche, apparently...
    Narciccist, gold digger and far away from independent in any way.
    Her poor boyfriend is probably the one washing the clothes, the sheets and all other linen, cooking, trying to clean their places up, buying groceries, paying bills...while she just WANTS it all. Money, fame, lush things...all the things that don't matter anyways hahaha. She and her little followers, which is mainly just GIRLS. Teen girls from around the world who have no lives themselves and therefore glamorize her as some kind of "it-girl", probably cause they have nothing else to do. Boy, do they have tacky taste! And her little junkie friends, both random unknown followers of hers and her new little friends Oliver Sykes and his ex Amanda Hendricks. All satanic-wanna-be's and junkies.
    These people are not even pretty. If you look close enough, they're not much without all the make, clothes and the rest. Evil eyes too. Which no money or make up or anything can ever no, def not pretty even. Just skinny, but not skinny in a pretty or natural way. And cool? Hahaha, no, just another hipster mainstreamer. No originality whatsoever.
    I guess that's how it goes for the Tumblr generation?! They're all the same. Talk the same, look the same, act the same...and so on. That's the irony of it all. They're all trying to be so special, but they're all the same=mainstream. No personality. Really odd phenomenon I must say!
    So if you ask me, she's a nobody, like all the rest spilling their little "lives" on the net...I have better things to do hahaha. Good bye.

  3. I absolutely agree with this last comment about these weird kids on those weird blogging sites. It's as if they don't know what to do, how to look, how to be themselves or how to create their own thing anymore. They switch styles non-stop it seems, as if they're so restless or can't make up their mind. Like this new trend that exploded lately, this "pastel goth" trend that Felice Fawn, Lauren Cook, or whatever her future name now will be lol, this trend that she started posting pictures of, it's just horrible. I don't know whether to cry or laugh about it lol. It looks so stupid, I'm not sure they have mirrors at home even? It's like pink/purple/blue/green/rainbow colored bad hair with some weird piece of jewelery dangling from their forhead over their eyes, along with big holes in their ears, as if they wish they belonged to some african tribe or something, tattoos and piercings all over the place, that combined with black/white/glitter lipstick, or those new weird patterned things they just stick on their lips, with garments or accesories that has inverted crosses on them or other satanic/illuminati symbolism. Bindis on their foreheads, indian headpieces on their heads, or weird colored and horribly cut wigs, clothes that seems to be designed or made for lunatics, white or some other crazy contacts, a millions of chains and/or rings on, tie-dye trousers with some floral shirt to "match"...they all just look stupid as fuck and like mentally unstable LSD/ecstasy-what-have-you consuming aliens trying to imitate human teens, but with their own little alien twist to it lol! It's like all past "trends" just mashed together into one big...psychotic mess! Absolutely hideous. And they're all so fucking stupid, they "buy" it all these days. They see someone or some people and they all go like "Oh wow, yeah, that's the way to do it...let's look like that too!" Stupid as fuck. It's different, but it don't look cool in any way and it makes no sense at all.
    Seems like they burnt their braincells. Must be the drugs. That, or the new generation is simply damaged naturally lol. Or they don't look good so they try to cover themselves up with these weird looks, as if to hide under a disguise? Either way I'm glad I'm not part of that hip shit and have my own thing going, plus kept my head straight lol.

  4. That's it. They're ravers/hiphopers/goths/satanists/illuminati-generation/punks/hippies-all-in-one! And oh, druggies, of course! =D Damn, that's really schizo! O_O I'm worried for the future now. =S

  5. "I absolutely agree with this last comment about these weird kids on those weird blogging sites. It's as if they don't know what to do, how to look, how to be themselves or how to create their own thing anymore. They switch styles non-stop it seems, as if they're so restless or can't make up their mind." - It's called the post-modernity period. globally, we are in a state of flux. Older generations who’ve faced little technological advancement (in comparison to today) now struggle to keep up with modern IT. Due to the rapid expansion of scientific knowledge the world is moving at a much faster pace than ever before and children have so much more media at their fingertips... this has pros and cons. However, do not state that youth today are damaged and drug addicts, that's a generalisation laced with ignorance due to the majorities failings. yes… you’re right… youth today are different due to different environmental factors. So what? Nobody can stop the pattern at large and what was the calling card for your generation? Hmm… so far …holocausts, racism, slavery, inhumane acts and so much more have dotted our timeline and u have to be thankful some shit old mentalities have been demolished. All that being said… it doesn’t stop me from wishing every themed blogger with a 2D, cardboard personality, a swift fall into the black hole of internet obscurity. g

  6. Oh, did someone notice something here? This last comment posted by some "g" did exactly what that Felice Fawn does. Namely, quote someone's post, the way she does lately when she replies to her "followers" who, strangely, turn to her of all for advice about all kinds of questions lol. Hm. Could it be little (BIG) Felice Fawn HERSELF writing this little defending post of this new little hispter generation a la hi-tech/druggies/fashionslaves/freaks/mentally unstable/illuminati-fans/satanists...? Either way, stop trying to act wise and smart here. That's embarrassing. =D What's this "g" suppossed to stand for anyway? Oh wait, GRAM, perhaps? =D
    Also, I don't give a fuck about all the shit happening in this pissy world anymore. It's gone mad. And definitely fuck INTERNET! =D
    I don't have time for this shit anymore. Fuckin waste of energy.
    But enjoy trying to act the headmaster round here or anywhere else. =D
    Bye bye now.

  7. Also, I don't even give a damn about these fucked up kids. Cause they ARE fucked up now, ok. That's for damn sure. It's my oppinion and I stand by it. The kids are fucked up. Their parents are fucked up. Internet is a fucked up world. MEDIA are all cunts! The oh so "glamorous" world of fashion is fucked up. Modern IT can kiss my ass.
    And I don't even CARE about those people, so I really don't care if they all end up in the psychiatric ward and stuff. I was simply POINTING out, that I agree that most kids today seem damaged and yeah, I think Felice Fawn is a nobody. That's all. If you think elsewise, fine. As if I care. =D

    1. If you really believed all that you just wrote, why are you cruising said internet and wasting your time ranting your opinion on blogs? Stating that you don't care whether people believe you is counter-productive to stating your opinion at all. Better to say nothing then.

      But, I suppose it does go well with the theme of hypocrisy.

  8. Rich wouldn't want to admit losing his job on tumblr. His miraculous new job found (he applied, was shortlisted, interviewed, and confirmed all within 12 hours!) the next day was him most likely signing on so they can both sit indoors on the internet all day being cool and EAST LDN. She's undoubtedly on benefits, her buying clothes tweets/tumblrs coincide with the date JSA goes in...she's not even subtle. The apartment's 2 bedroom as they're probably not listed as a couple on their claim so they get more money for it. Similarly her (or her best blonde friend) don't declare their additional incomes so they're actually doing very well for bottom feeders.

  9. Yeah, that is very odd actually, that she and her boyfriend always seem to miraculously sort their different issues, especially when it comes to incomes and getting leases on flats.
    What I know, it is VERY hard to find a new flat once you have been evicted for disturbing peace etc. In my area you get a little "mark" in a kind of register and the landlord have the right to deny bad tenants right away, if they want to.
    So it's very peculiar indeed that they keep finding places. Maybe their friends or parents always sort it for them?
    About income, it's also very strange that they seem to be able to afford luxuries like new clothes all the time, and make up, new pc's, subwoofers for the soundsystem, partying, eating out on a regular basis. It doesn't make much sense. Most young couples who shares an apartment can't live like that. All the money goes for the rent and other bills, such as heating, water, electricity, insurance and so on. Having pets costs money. Gas cost money. Traintickets cost money. Internet costs money, just as phones aswell. Cigarettes, and weed, as her boyfriend claimed he smokes. So yes, indeed a lot of expenses.
    And I doubt Felice Fawn is making much money on her occasional model jobs, and her career as a retoucher and all that seems pretty much nonexistent by now. Maybe they're pushing drugs? Or maybe she's doing this new thing over internet called "financial domination"?! =D I once saw an old sleezy grayhaired man aged like 67, from Texas USA, on her twitter I believe it was, and she's friends with him it seems, and he is indeed into "financial domination", sending messages to young girls and so called "dominas" all over the world, and it wouldn't surprice me if he "sponsors" them and send them money to fulfill his twisted and frankly very sad kind of fetischism lol. So yeah, maybe that's where Felice Fawn gets her extra money from, who knows?
    Maybe they use people? Or she alone? As mentioned above, her new friendship with Oliver Sykes and his ex girlfriend Amanda Hendrick could be a convinient way to make some extra money?
    I guess people in the fame game use each other like that, which is in my eyes a filthy kind of "friendship".
    Whatever they're up to, I really don't wanna know. I find her extremely boring and just exhausting by now.

  10. This is one of the strangest blog spots I've seen, how can you hate someone so much to do this to them its so weird. People are calling her sad but they are hating on her on their computer at home. Pathetic, I think you are all jealous.

  11. I don't hate her. I just find her boring and an extreme case of attention seeker. I don't even find her pretty, so it's def not a case of jealousy.
    I just don't like satanists/illuminati-slaves and stalker/copycats...


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