Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hello my Gothic Satanic Pickle Poppets

By the amazing v0lim of efagz


  1. Ah ahahhahahaha So good! She's brilliant!

  2. LULZ. Yeah that is pretty accurate actually. Just don't forget to act out the other personalities she has in her. Like, that little fling with cocaine she had live on stickam haha, and being the allllll-wise/knowing-90-year-old-lady-stuck-in-a-23-year-old-british-satanic-attention-cravers-body, the one who preaches for animal rights, anti-fur/anti leather and alllll the wiseeeee and gooooood things out there, despite that fact that she happends to be a satanic/athetist/occult....whatever...into all the most grotesque and morbid shit out there, heh. And claims that everyoneeeee is beautiful and should never wish to be anyone else, yet apparently for herself, she finds being skinny in the most unhealthy way to be the only way to be beautiful, and bones, and tons of make up and so on, hm. And yet, despite her preaching "never wish to be anyone but yourself"...she goes right off and copy everyone from that girl she's obsessed with since years back, to celebs like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Lana Del Ray, to mention a few. Just look at the tattoos, for example. Cause yes, she is ohhhh so "original" and ohhhh so "wise" and "intelligent".
    If her ex takes her back, I'm pretty sure he will just regret it someday soon.
    What guy could possibly ever live with a girl like this? Who could take all that crap? And I still feel sorry for that poor american guy, Andy, that she used. Who knows how many other guys she's used or is using for the moment, or will use? Talking them into all kinds of stupidity, poor naive little boys and men who, for some reason, finds her attractive or something.
    Oh what a mad world...some are living in lol.

  3. LOL!!! She totally nailed it!

  4. Felice Fawn, the poor internet addict, and all she really lives for and has left, is cyber space. She don't even sleep anymore. AT ALL, apparently.
    She seems pretty damn manic about her dear intranet, at the point where people are starting to scratch their heads by now.
    I guess this is how she will look after all her years online, before she reach the her 30's:

  5. I just love that blog. I abolutely agree about Felice Fawn. I don't know her but she seems to be very mean and just ... sick. A lot of people adore her. Don't know why...? What is she really doing? taking pictures of herself and showing the real beouty like bones? Anyway, maybe nobody's saint but Lauren is totally depraved girl.


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